For past 17 years we have been, and still are, one of the biggest cabinets assemblers in Croatia.
Our vast experience and constant need to thrive pushes us forward every day.

Why qri?

QRi is cloud-based system that’s been around for more than 2 year. It’s the universal system that can be used and implemented on any type of the enclosure or physical asset. It is not limited to any brand or manufacturer.

QRi Cloud solution aims to unify the process of managing the technical documentation and sharing it with people that need to see it. It instantaneously turns every enclosure into a smart enclosure Industry 4.0 ready enabling the end client to schedule various reminders, maintenance dates, store technical documentation, specification, electrical schematics and more. There is nothing like QRiCloud.

Our Vision

Industrial environments where data and information are easily and safely exchanged between all interested parties.

Our Goals

Weather you work in pharma, oil & gas, water, waste water, metal production or any other type of industry, our goal is to create a technical environment where access to and exchange of data and information will be easy, smart and safe. We see QRiCloud as part of everyday life in every industry that has need for any kind of documentation.


As a company that has been on the market for 17+ years and done numerous of projects and assembled thousands of electrical cabinets many of which are part of the reference lists of well know industry names such as Siemens, ABB, Schneider and others Duplico see this as the opportunity and as s step forward in industry. We believe that eventually everybody will use solution such as QRiCloud in one way or another and we are positioning ourselves to be a leader in times to come.


By using modern information technologies, partnering with enclosure manufacturers and believing in potential that we all together have, we will bring the QRiCloud Solution in the hands of many customers around the world enabling the smarter and safer flow and exchange of data, increasing the safety and overall security of the products.