smart & easy

what is qri?

QRiCloud is first ever cloud based solution for industry. Whether you work in Chemical, Plastics, Oil & Gas, Pharma, Steel and metal production or any other industry, chances are, you met with electrical cabinets.

They are the heart of every technologically advanced process. They breed life to it. Without them nothing would be possible, and as one of the most vital parts of the processes they really need a special care.

Heres where QRiCloud comes in.

It enables you to store and access technical documentation, electrical schematics, CE marks and much more in highly secured cloud space utilizing the latest technology available.

Now you’ll never have to worry about misplaced or coffee stained hard to read schematics, are they up to date, where is the technical specification or have you missed the maintenance period.

Not only that. It integrates with ePLAN, has multiuser support and 256-bit document password protection for documents you select. It truly is a robust solution every industry needs.

Smart task reminders

Setup your inspection, or regular maintanace tasks that needs to be done on a specific date and let our cloud solution reminds you so that you never miss the inspection again.

Up to date schematics

QRiCloud solution is designed so that you can always have up to date schematics, its often.

QRCode generation

Easily generate qr codes for electric cabinets with detailed information about every enclosure. QRi with our solutions equals DNK of the cabinet

Easy documentation transfer

Delivering documentation to your clients ? No problem. Our easy “select & share” solution enables you to share the entire objects and elements within just few seconds.

256 bit password Document protection

Some documents are not for everybody. Thats why QRiCloud supports password protection for documentation of your choice so that only people who know password can access and manage it.

Additional stream of revenue

Make new revenues from customers who create their accounts using QRi codes in your electric cabinets. Little things adds up over time. The more you use qricloud the more revenue you’ll make.


Improve your service quality by fixing smaller issues ahead of time preventing it to become bigger problems.

Simple intuitive structure hierarchy

QRi Cloud uses tree hierarchy enabling you to easily navigate and manage multiple object, elements and their documentation, reminders, tasks and much more.

Multi account support

Different people, different roles. We at QRiCloud understand that thats why QRiCloud supports permission per users and multiple users account per company.


QRi Cloud solution aims to unify the process of managing the technical documentation and sharing it with people that need to see it. It instantaneously turns every enclosure into a smart enclosure Industry 4.0 ready enabling the end client to schedule various reminders, maintenance dates, store technical documentation, specification, electrical schematics and more. There is nothing like QRiCloud.

smart & easy


With QRiCloud Application we have enabled industry wide integration with all manufacturers without any extra charges. Our cutting edge technology enables us to scan already existing QR codes and barcodes on any enclosure and allows you to add it in our infrastructure. With our intuitive and easy to use user interface you can then easily add smart reminders, manage your documents, schematics and share it with your co-workers.

Scan QR code

Download our QRiCloud application and scan any manufacturer already existing QR code

Industry wide integration

With our cutting edge technology mobile application you can add any manufacturer EXISTING QR code to your QRiCloud database and attach documents to it.